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Economic and Business Management

Economic and Business Management

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And Welcome to the Business Corner of Geitonia Mas.

 If you just have happened to have clicked here first, kindly click on the beginning this sentence icon button to "About Us" section and read the quick overview. 

If you wish to advertise, kindly click to Marketing Catagory Section at the end this of the page.  

If none of the above, please continue.  Feel free to browse anything.



Why spare the time?

Whether you are a highly skilled professional, just getting started in a business career or either your present career has no relevance at all with business, see this as an opportunity, a new experiance and challenge to engage your skills in an inovative, creative, open system environment.

You may have only 5 minutes in day, a week or a month or a whole day to spare, that is up to you.

To get started, just open a profile account and come back to this page.  Then, choose one or all areas of interest that you would like to get involved and participate. To make it more fun and engaging invite your friends or boss to get involved too.

And last, (needs inspirational and good cause sentence here, refer to forum, open a thread and post your idea).


Major sections below are:

  1. Marketing, advertising and public relations have blogs.
  2. Idea section for brain storming has polls and blog.
  3. Development section for projects and strategies has Project Manager and blog.
  4. Accounting-revenue and expenses section: Revenues and Expense Manager and blog.
  5. Human resource and Staff section- Volunteers, Mentors, Coordinators and Staff (Is a department of its own- but is included here)
  6. Forums (Business, Marketing, Ideas, Developments, Accounting) for queries, remarks, suggestions and back room discussions.
  7. Group e-mailing available to each section.



For the record:

Request to become a volunteer, mentor or coordinator and we will post your profile in the associates section located in BOD' Management Panel -you will have something to show when you mention your activities in  Geitonia Mas in your resume as work experience in an innovative environment.


This is no game simulation- this is for real.


Human Resourse section here: Volunteers, Mentors, Coordinators, and Staff


Major Articles from the Business Blogs


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Ask, Discuss and Inform  in the Business Forum



Economic and Business Catagories

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